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Kindergarten Supply List 2017-2018
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Tuesday, May 23, 2017



Supply List 

Ekron Elementary School 



School supplies are often on sale during the summer and at the start of the school year.  We recommend you purchase extras of basic items (pencil and paper) when you can get them on sale, and keep them on hand until your child needs them (Such as to replenish their school supply, or for use in completing homework assignments).


         1 backpack without rollers

        4 boxes of Crayola crayons

        10 glue sticks

            1 package of #2 pencils 

               1 bottle of elmers glue

        Plastic pencil box

        1 pair of Fiskars School Scissors

        1 boxes of Crayola Classic Markers

         1 watercolor set

         2 plastic 2-pocket folder

         2-pocket folder with prongs

         1 wide-rule spiral notebook 70 pages

         1 package of Construction Paper (multicolor)

         1 roll of Paper Towels

         1 box of Kleenex

        1 package thin, black Dry Erase markers

       2 large pink erasers

         2 container of Lysol/Clorox wipes

         Baby wipes

        Large paper plates

        Change of clothes to be kept in locker (just in case)


*NO hand-held pencil sharpeners, mechanical pencils or

book bags/backpacks with wheels


Wish List:

o   Playdough

o   Clear packing tape

o   Zip-lock sandwich bags

o   Zip-lock gallon bags

o   White or brown lunch bags

o   Small paper plates

o   Germ-x
















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