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3rd Grade Supply List 2017-2018
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Tuesday, May 23, 2017
3rd Grade
3rd Grade

Third Grade Supply List

Ekron Elementary School


School supplies are often on sale during the summer and at the start of the school year.  We recommend you purchase extras of basic items (pencil and paper) when you can get them on sale, and keep them on hand until your child needs them (Such as to replenish their school supply, or for use in completing homework assignments).


        4 Dry Erase Markers 

       Liquid bottle of glue 

       5 plastic folders 

       2 package of wide ruled loose leaf paper 

       1 highlighter 

       2 box of tissues

       1 Pair of scissors 

       2 glue sticks 

       Crayons (24 count) 


      1 Pencil Pouch 

      1 package of cap erasers 

     5 spiral notebooks (70 count) 

     LOTS of pencils 

       Pair of ear buds or headphones for computer 

       2 ink pens




*NO hand-held pencil sharpeners, mechanical pencils or book bags/back packs with wheels


To ensure the success of students on assignments completed at home the following items will be needed for at home use in addition to those for use at school:


*Scissors    *Crayons/colored pencils     *Glue sticks         *Pencils     *Ruler (at home only)


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